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We cover Nottinghamshire, DerbyshireLincolnshire and Leicestershire.

If you are buying a house, bungalow or flat for your own occupation or for investment purposes and need help or advice, however wide or diverse, large or small you need peace of mind and you need to be sure that you are getting the fullest advice.

A property is most likely the most expensive thing you will invest in and you need to be sure that there are no nasty surprises awaiting you. A few hundred pounds now could save you a few thousand later.

John Brailsford, a chartered surveyor in and around the Nottinghamshire area for 40 years with 25 years on his own account and has the following qualifications:

  • General practice chartered surveyor
  • Member of residential professional forum of the RICS
  • Fellow of the institute of Building Engineers
  • Fellow of the Academy of Experts
  • Associate of the Arboricultural Association
  • Member of the Building Conservation Group

John Brailsford is a member of the following RICS faculties:

  • We offer a prompt and efficient service for all residential property.
  • We undertake a full range of surveys and valuations.
  • We survey commercial, retail and licensed property and provide schedules of condition and dilapidations.
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